We at D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC believe in a “live and let-live” philosophy of life, but we also recognize that not everyone believes as such. In an ideal world, we would run about seeking Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness without encroaching upon anyone else’s right to do the same. This is not an ideal world and there are a myriad of forces, both natural and man-made, which do nothing but impede our progress toward those ends. Due to this, we know that there is a need to perform, defensively, at such a level so as to mitigate those risks and dangers.

Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been attributed to the proverb, “speak softly and carry a big stick”.

D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC is that big stick.

An acronym for Defensive Action Response Kinetics, D.A.R.K. Systems, fundamentally, is not just a fancy name that sounds "tacticool"; it is a lifestyle.


It was once said that a good defense is a strong offense.  While this may be true, the real world dictates that one must instead respond to situations that present themselves.  This is not to say that we must walk around in Condition White, completely oblivious to the world around us and having to react to events.  No, this is not what "Defense" means.

How we define "Defense" is a proactive approach to our environment, preparing for action if need be, but having the foresight, knowledge, and skill set to help us avoid that action in the first place.  I spoke to Steve Tarani a few years ago and he told me that, in a physical confrontation, if you end up drawing your weapon, you've failed.  What this means to us is that we plan and prepare for the worst (pistol), but strive to avoid the worst in the first place (proactivity).

So Defense is not about being is about being Proactive.


Action is defined as the “state or process of acting or doing”. This means that, in order to commence the aforementioned defensive activities, we must “act” or “do”. Anything less results in your being a victim to the natural and man-made environment you find yourself in.

D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC intends to get you off your ass so that you do.


Humans are an aggressive species; however, what makes us different from most any other animal on the planet is our ability to control and rise above that aggressive tendency and become civilized. Unfortunately, our planet is not civilized nor are many of our own species. In fact, virtually everything in our environment is hostile to life and our human ancestors fought tooth and nail just to survive it. They reacted to the forces acting upon them, overcoming them at first with just brute strength…but later with superior intelligence. D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC believes that humans need both.

Survive the modern world with D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC at your "six".


Here’s where your high school and college physics classes meet the real world. Harkening back to “Action”, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion. This energy has only the magnitude that you put into it and, therefore, kinetic energy is always positive. Conversely, potential energy is energy that is sitting still but has potential to do something (picture a bowling ball sitting still on a precipice); this does nothing in the real world and is simply posturing.

Kinetic energy alone results in productive work being done. If you're not doing, then there's no energy being developed and your potential is wasted so long as you remain sitting on your ass.

D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC is that productivity.


A system is an organized set of doctrines, principles and components interacting with each other to form an integrated whole. Every decision you make influences your performance at any given moment, from the type of car you drive to how you walk down the street, from the type of firearm you decide to purchase to the footwear you chose, and from the books you read to the training you acquire. Individually, they mean very little, but put them together and you have a toolbox of knowledge, skills and abilities to draw upon and get you over that hurdle you face at that moment.

Going back to the beginning, we aren’t here just to sell you a firearm or piece of survival gear. The premise behind D.A.R.K. Systems, LLC is to assist our clients in teaching those doctrines, develop those principles and supply those components so that they have the tools they need to overcome whatever is in their path.

Let D.A.R.K. be your system.

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